Loco Controllers

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IGBT Controller

IGBT Controller




Shepco supplies the following types of controllers:

  • 2,5 Ton Camtactor Controller
  • 6,0 Ton Camtactor Controller
  • 10 Ton Camtactor Controller


  • Very robust electro-mechanical technology.
  • Easy to repair on the mine.
  • Can be stored for a long time at the mine.
  • Not very susceptible to dust and moisture ingress

We provide these controllers as new, we can refurbish your old ones and we stock all the required spares.


Solid State Electronic Controllers



We also supply the following IGBT, solid – state ranger electronic controllers though LOCOMOTION who is our principal.

  • 2,5 Ton Locomotive IGBT Solid State Electronic Controller
  • 6,0 Ton Locomotive IGBT Solid State Electronic Controller
  • 10 Ton Locomotive IGBT Solid State Electronic Controller


  • Fully variable controlled speed.
  • Over speed detection.
  • Coded magnetic key to prevent unauthorized personnel from operating.
  • No requirement for accelerating resistance.
  • The factory preset torque limit prevents wheel spin and ensures smooth take off.
  • Safety of operation enforced through the vigilance control and anti-rock prevention.
  • Emergency stop through a stop push button.
  • Low maintenance is due to the minimum active components used.