To bring out the best from natures untapped potential, the following are the services we offer you our valued customer.

Mining Equipment Supplies
More than just mining supplies...

Shepco Industrial Supplies is proud to be associated with the heavy weights of the local mining sector, providing them with effective solutions to their mining concerns. It is on this background that we have matured and extending our wings to target the Southern African region in our quest to go beyond what meets the eye. Being the industry pacesetters we are, we are proud to be associated with the following brands in order to give you more value for less.


Manufacturing / Engineering


At Shepco we pride in offering you a full product support on all machine accessories and hence the need of our Manufacturing/ Engineering department. Shepco operates four major sections in the workshop which are mainly:

  • Machine Shop
  • Fabrication
  • Fitting & Assembly
  • Pressing

Machine Shop

This section does all the machining requirements for the workshop, products produced include: cocopan wheels, cocopan axles, loco wheels & axles, sprockets, loader wheels, shafts & gears, pinions, cannon boxes and reverse drums. These products are sold as spares and are also incorporated into the finished product.

Work in progress - Machine Shop






Assembly Machinery
Milling Machine Machne shop equipment



Pressing machine


The machinery has got the capability to press in and out the following accessories:

  • F1 axel shafts ,bearings and wheels for locomotives
  • Granby shafts,bearings and wheels
  • Locomotives gears and wheels
  • Loader gears wheels.


Rolling machine


There are three types of machines in this department:

  • RollingĀ  machine
  • Press / Bending Machine ( used for bending rail turnouts )
  • Welding machines.


Fitting & Assembly

This section specializes in production of Locomotives, new and reconditioned as well as after sales and backup service on site or at our premises.

Locomotive production Airloader Maintenance

Site Audits & Commissioning of Equipment

Shepco Industrial Supplies provides full operating manuals for all capital equipment that we supply. We provide on site training and commissioning of this equipment and we also offer on site audits for equipment in use.