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Wayne Gumboots F1210

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Wayne Gumboots F1210


Upper Black PVC
Sole Black PVC
With Steel Toe Cap
Non Spec

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Product Description

The boots are appropriate to tough working areas in wet & muddy conditions.

  • International specification Steel Toe Caps keeps toes safe from injury when heavy objects might pose a risk.
  • Non nitrile PVC grades as used in the boot uppers provide the best flexibility and resistance to abrasion. PVC provides the best protection in wet & cold working conditions and best protection from chemicals. Refer Chemical Resistance Schedule,
  • PVC|Nitrile blends are used to provide lasting protection against fats, oils an& chemicals.
  • Cleated sole design gives the best slip resistance soil discharge.
  • The exterior is smooth, making these boots easy to clean & sanitise.
  • The knit nylon liner is easy to clean & dries up quickly for the best hygiene.
  • Boot design guarantees that material is distributed for the best protection where required ankles, heel and toe areas and minimized elsewhere for the best flexibility & minimal mass.
  • Optimal- toe spring minimizes cracking at some flex points while making sure the boot is easy & comfortable to walk in.


  • Contour- moulded cushion insole to improve & lowers fatigue.
  • Fur liner for warmth & comfort in cold environments.

Strap on Metaguards to keep safe vamp and shin areas.


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